become a Brander and grow your influence

It is not important to have many followers. Being yourself is what counts.

And it is 100% free
  1. Register as a Brander (this is what we call our influencers)

  2. Brands can see your profile and invite you to join their promotions. For each promotion it will be clear what the brand offers you in return for your help

  3. Create your posts on the social media platforms you already know and love

  4. The Brands you work with rate your efforts and the better you do, the more brands will reach out and ask you to join their promotions

Register as Brander Register as Brander

Succeed as a Brander...

  • Show who you are and what interests you on your social media profile

  • Take great pictures and write short and relevant texts

  • Be creative in your promotions within the framework that is described

  • Give something of yourself and show your personality in your promotions

  • Abide by the agreements you make with the Brands in your promotions

  • Communicate with the Brands and Brandarmies if you are in doubt about anything

  • Be persistent and follow our code of ethics of honesty and credibility

Register as Brander Register as Brander
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