Business terms

The following business conditions establishes the legal conditions applicable to Brand member and Brandarmies. This section it is not applicable to Brander members.

  • 1 Features of the service

    • 1.1 Subscription agreement

      Brand profiles can enjoy the subscriptions offered by Brandarmies. The subscription agreement is a fixed monthly payment to use the services offered by brandarmies to its Brand members.

      At any time, the subscription may be cancelled for the member through the platform by deleting the Brand profile. Nevertheless, deleting the Brand profile does not automatically implies the subscription cancellation. The Brand member must reimburse the amounts due in full until the service is effectively cancelled. Therefore, the profile removal does not exempt the member from continuing to pay their subscription until the cancellation is confirmed by Brandarmies.

      The subscription agreements contracted by the Brand have an effective period of one month and will be renewed automatically for equal periods unless the member cancel the subscription.

      Brandarmies offers the following suscription agreements. You can check our subscription rates on the following link

    • 1.2 Alliance agreements

      The alliance agreement is a private contract that must be regulated and signed by the parties and that only binds members. The decisions made by its members will not bind Brandarmies. It is the responsibility of members to regulate the terms and conditions of the alliance agreement.

      To promote relations between members and avoid incidents, Brandarmies makes available to its members, an informative document with recommendations to regulate the relations between the members, being in no case binding and always keeping Brandarmies unscathed.

    • 1.3 Promotion agreements

      Regardless of the above, Brand members will be able to contract promotion agreements with Brandarmies. Promotion agreements will have a variable amount and will depend on the number of advertising campaigns run by Brander member, as well as the number of followers of the Brander who executes the advertising campaign. You can check our promotion rates on the following link

      The consumer right of withdrawal will not apply to subscription services that have been executed.

      In the event of a serious default/violation of the agreement which results in a financial loss for Brand, Brander or Brandarmies the party who has suffered a financial loss has the right to have the loss covered by the defaulting/violating party.

  • 2 Payment and Payment Security

    The prices of the subscriptions available for the Brand will be displayed in the applicable current base. The payment needs to be made by the Brand, once the invoice is issued and sent to the email address designated by the Brand.

    You can check our available payment methods on the following link. We inform you that payments made using brandarmies' payment system meet security conditions and are properly protected.

    If you want to see the payment and bank details, you can check it by logging into the platform and accessing the "Admin" tab. There will appear your payment’s statement with the concept: "".

  • 3 Delivery

    The issues relating to the delivery of the products offered by the Brand will depend on the terms and conditions agreed by the Brand and Brander member. In any case, the Brand must manage the shipment and delivery of its products, as well as assist the Brander's claims.

    In no event shall Brandarmies be responding for matters or incidents related to the performance of the contract reached by the parties. If deemed appropriate, Brandarmies may provide personal information of the Brander to ensure the management of the shipment of the products, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations for the protection of personal data.

    We highly recommend you read the promotion recommendations made by Brandarmies included on Brandarmies Website.

  • 4 Order confirmation

    Once the purchase is confirmed you will receive an email with an invoice attached after the month ending subscription via e-mail. We remind you to keep a copy of the mail and conditions of purchase for as long as you are subscribed to our services. You can check our subscription conditions on the above section 1.2).

  • 5 Right of return and right of withdrawal

    The products and services purchased through the platform cannot be returned, except in cases where such return is agreed between the parties. We highly recommend you read the promotional agreement recommendations.

    In general, the right of withdrawal does not apply to transactions made by the parties, except those expressly and imperatively provided for by law. In this case, the right must be asserted directly by the Brander. In this context, Brandarmies or any of its partners will not be liable in any case for the Brand’s noncompliance.

  • 6 Low/Deactivation of service

    Members may unsubscribe, cancel their Brandarmies account, or remove the Brandarmies app from their device by accessing their profile. However, the disabling of access to services does not exempt the member from continuing paying the due subscription amounts.

  • 7 Taxes: VAT

    Notice that the value added tax (VAT) amount is not included in the final prices. You can check all the information related to prices and VAT tax through the following link: link.

  • 8 Legislation, disputes, and competent jurisdiction

    In the event of any dispute or disagreement arising under or in connection with these Terms or the Agreement, including a dispute or disagreement as to the validity of the Terms or the Agreement, such dispute or disagreement will be referred to and resolved under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Danish courts.

  • 9 Contact

    In case of any questions or discrepancies, you can contact customer service by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab, or by sending an email to the address: (Denmark)