Brandarmies is for everyone

The intention of Brandarmies is to create a platform where brands can meet with all types of Branders in a common passion of the products of the companies.

Whether Brands are stores or webshops with products, services or experience offers - and regardless of their size.

Our goal is to help Brands increase market visibility and reach a vast number of potential customers, at very low cost — so you can take on resourceful competitors without having a large marketing budget.

Credibility is a key word among our customers, the Branders and our eight employees.

At Brandarmies, we work on a daily basis according to old-fashioned knightly values in our code of ethics: "A word is a word" and "what we say is what we do".

We are mature, passionate people with IT expertise and many years of experience in social media, digital marketing, loyalty programs and influencer marketing<