Influencer marketing real with people

We connect ambitious brands with passionate branders.

Brandarmies is for all brands who want credible, passionate branders with engaged followers rather than highly paid influencers and bloggers with a huge number of followers.

Influencer marketing has long been about getting popular people with many followers to talk about a product on social media.

At Brandarmies, we differentiate ourselves by getting ordinary people who are passionate about your products to recommend your business to others. Without requiring that they have a huge number of followers.

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    A selection of clients

    Personal recommendations

    - more effective than traditional marketing.
    • The mention of your products is perceived as more credible because it comes from the Branders of Brandarmies
    • The messages become more interesting and effective because they are personal, authentic and genuine
    • Get an advantage to reach your target group and take up the fight against strong competitors
    • You hit your target audience more accurately compared to advertising on social media
    • You reach out more widely on social media than by simply advertising and boosting postings via Facebook
    • It costs about the same as when you boost a posts on Facebook - but it has a much greater effect


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